Press Release

16 Jun , 2015  


New York Artist David Gurwitz Releases First Inspirational Album June 18, 2015 Bronx-born and New York native David Gurwitz has had a diverse history, from semi-pro basketball to financial expert on market cycles. Through it all, music has always been a passion. “Basketball was my sport, growing up and in school. I practiced dribbling the ball every […]

“China” — Recorded January 2008

10 May , 2015   Video

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Molly Schilling 2007 Interview – Den For Grieving Children

10 May , 2015  

David Gurwitz and Molly Schilling   DG:      We were talking about the creative process, y’know.   MS:     Right.   DG:   We’ll talk and then you’ll …[rustling]… but the creative process, to me, means that I can’t …[rustling]… my hands play it and my soul feels it, when I sit down, I don’t really always know what’s going […]

Email from Dwight Church

10 May , 2015  

David, I found your website from the Crosshairs Trader. This is Great, the music is Awesome. I had uncle that had Down Syndrome he could not speak but loved music so much as his brothers played Bluegrass or Country and was around music all his life. Jimmy passed away 12-29-09 at the age of 66. […]

Special Olympics Interview

10 May , 2015  


I recently spoke with a volunteer from Special Olympics in Connecticut.  We talked about my experiences with SOCT during the summer of 2009.  I had a chance to reflect on the weekend I spent visiting the summer games and playing a concert for athletes, their families and the staff/volunteers of Special Olympics.  I wanted to […]

David Gurwitz – Personality Profile Questions

9 May , 2015  

David Gurwitz, I would like to start out by saying that your music is absolutely moving. I am a student at Central Connecticut State University and in my public relations class I am writing a newsletter on the behalf of the SOCT. My goal is to bring awareness to the SOCT as well as inspire […]

Song Story – “Hear the Children”

22 Mar , 2015  

“Hear the Children”   This is the CD’s title track. It is the only track with lyrics. My friend, Michael Elias contributed his wonderful vocal turn, and collaborated with my wife, Sara Gurwitz and me on the words. Simply click on the song title to access the page where you can experience the actual making […]

Song Story – “His Name Was…Benjamin”

22 Mar , 2015  

“His Name Was…Benjamin”   In the summer of 1990 my father died of cancer six weeks before my mother died while undergoing knee replacement surgery. Just before Dad’s death I found a photo. “Who is this?” All he could say was, “His name was Benjamin.” Mom confided, he was Daddy’s son from his first family. […]

Song Story – “Country Morning”

22 Mar , 2015  

“Country Morning”   We all have those special mornings when everything seems new and fresh and perfect. No aches, no pains, a sense of total connection to the earth and each other – centered, peaceful, hopeful. Like new wild flowers framed by a mountain ridge, or that perfect first cup of coffee with a strong […]

Song Story – “Hubble”

22 Mar , 2015  

“Hubble”   I always found something intriguing about the Hubble Observatory. After all, I clearly remember the first man on the moon, I went to Bronx High School of Science, I read many science fiction novels, and I was fascinated by NASA and space travel and planets and galaxies and solar systems. There were commonalities […]

Song Story – “Motherhood”

22 Mar , 2015  

“Motherhood”   You might ask – how can a man possibly write a song about…”Motherhood?” This song had other names, and all were reminiscent of summer, roller coasters, mountain climbing, street fairs, etc. There was one name that I will admit was a strong contender to the final name. “Chinaberry”. Why? Originally, I associated the […]

Song Story – “City Snowfall”

22 Mar , 2015  

“City Snowfall”   This song was born from a combination of a chord drill gone the way of many drills – off to the composition races – and my experience living in Manhattan after graduating from Law School. Let me first give the Manhattan background. I was hired by a Big 8 accounting firm – […]

Song Story – “Segovia”

22 Mar , 2015  

“Segovia”   This I lived in Spain during the fall and early winter of 1976-1977, following my graduation from college, in order to learn Spanish. I also had the chance to play basketball for a team in Madrid. While I was there, I had my ears open, learning the beautiful Castilian Spanish. I also, obviously, […]

Song Story – “Healing”

22 Mar , 2015  

“Healing”   Many listeners have told me that this song has helped people who were ill, in hospitals, sad, depressed, etc. I am not surprised. This song came out – in its entirety – on a Saturday night, following the passage of a Sabbath (which is the basis of the English word Sabbatical), when, after […]

Song Story – “Coming Home”

22 Mar , 2015  

“Coming Home”   This song represents the feeling I wish to convey for the entire site – WELCOME HOME! It originally came out as the middle part, with increasing intensity and crescendo, without a beginning or an ending. The beginning and end was added while I was in the middle of a piano lesson given […]


Fox 5 Atlanta

10 Sep , 2016   Video

David Gurwitz Interview - Fox Atlanta

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Teaching Taylor Part III: The mentee becomes the mentor

29 May , 2016

By Sean Saint Jacques  @SSaintj7 on May 25, 2016 The conclusion of the Oliver Taylor story as told by Sean Saint Jacques. Oliver and David discuss what they are up to now and how they continue to grow every day. In suburbs of Atlanta, Taylor is a deputy sheriff and helps kids at Salem High […]

Teaching Taylor Part II: Taylor shines at Madison Square Garden, then goes pro

24 May , 2016

By Sean Saint Jacques  @SSaintj7 on May 24, 2016 This is part two of the Oliver Taylor story as told by Sean Saint Jacques. If you missed part one yesterday, you can read it right HERE. Gurwitz was not a fan of Carlesimo’s philosophy when it came to using Taylor on the floor during his […]

Teaching Taylor Part I: Mentorship coming full circle

23 May , 2016  

Oliver_Taylor_1_covnews.0.0 (2)

By Sean Saint Jacques  @SSaintj7 on May 23, 2016 Sean Saint Jacques tells the extraordinary story of former Seton Hall basketball star Oliver Taylor and the mentor that changed his life forever. This is the first part of a three part series. Part I: Meeting a Mentor and the journey to Seton Hall Oliver Taylor […]

Seton Hall hero carries on his mentor’s legacy

3 Apr , 2016  


Steve Politi | NJ Advance Media for NJ   Oliver Taylor (20) is carried off the floor after sinking the winning lay-up with one second left giving No. 21 Seton Hall a 70-69 victory over Pittsburgh in the quarterfinals of the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden, Friday, March 8, 1991, New York. (AP […]


26 Jan , 2016  


Introducing the fun way to become a good writer!   I am developing and creating a writing program to open the minds of kids, grades 3-5, and encourage critical thinking skills with a fun and easy exercise.  Today we live in a world of technology where kids don’t need to write the old fashioned way, […]

Oliver Taylor and David Gurwitz Interview

23 Jan , 2016  

David and Oliver

Oliver and David   00:40 Deputy Taylor if you’ll give me your background before meeting Mr Gurwitz.   Just an inner city kid from Far Rockaway NY, in Queens! Just a kid with a dream and took a chance on something I loved. People felt that I was pretty good. I wound up playing on […]

Email from Mike Smith

20 Jan , 2016  

I went to Mt Vernon Academy in Mt. Vernon,Ohio from 1966-1970 and watched Johnny from time to time. One time I got in the gym and was watching him shoot. The Ball just kept swishing every time he shot it. So I stood under the basketball and passed it back to him time after time. […]

Interview with John Rinka

10 May , 2015  

July 15, 2014   David:  Rinks, good to see you.   John Rinka:  Good to see you David.   David:  It’s amazing technology sitting here.  This is actually the first phone call I did today in America.  You know I worked selling research and I was on the phone in Greece and London and Paris […]

Dana Roc Interview

10 May , 2015  

Rabbi, Musician, Managing Director of Nenner Research, David Gurwitz original article: David Gurwitz was an avid athlete growing up in the south Bronx in the 1950s and 1960s. He worked at a hotel in the Catskills where Wilt Chamberlain had once been a bellhop, and spent summers learning from Red Auerbach about talent recognition and […]

David Gurwitz invited to Join CFS gathering

22 Mar , 2015  

David Gurwitz invited to join CFS gathering in NYC David Gurwitz, front row center, with TianDa Alumni & Friends Please follow and like us:

Schoolboy Star Ponders His Future

22 Mar , 2015  

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Article from Rockdale News

22 Mar , 2015  


  Mentee by chance, friends by choice Article from    In an empty gym at Memorial Middle School Thursday morning, a familiar face was shooting baskets as students hurried to lunch. In front of a few cameras and onlookers, Rockdale County Sheriff’s Deputy Oliver Taylor sank free throw after free throw, with an old […]

CBS-TV New York Morning Show

15 Jun , 2009   Video


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7 Jun , 2009   Video

David Gurwitz Interview - WTNH

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Where Next for Oil Prices – Bloomberg Business Interview

4 Jun , 2015  


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BNN – Watch for $100 oil again – Interview with David Gurwitz

19 May , 2015  


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Bloomberg Presentation

10 May , 2015  


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David Gurwitz Interviews Charles Nenner

10 May , 2015  

New York – Feb 2012 David:  Hi.  My name is David Gurwitz.  I’m Managing Director of Charles Nenner Research Center.  I’d like to welcome you to this presentation of Charles – uninterrupted.   Part of the reason we decided to do this was because, after almost 100 media appearances over the last seven years, the […]

Commodity Price Cycles – Reaction Time

10 May , 2015  

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Gold Cycle Bottoming Soon

10 May , 2015  

Original article: Tuesday, 5/28/2013 16:04 This cycles specialist can’t say why, but he does believe a cyclical low in gold is near… DAVID GURWITZ is managing director of Charles Nenner Research. Providing global macro research to a broad class of clients across the world, and increasingly to family offices, over the last decade, Gurwitz specialized in […]

Elisea Frishberg – Behind the Fame

6 Dec , 2008  


Host Elisea Frishberg interviews David Gurwitz on December 6th, 2008 – BizRadio is heard in: Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth Please follow and like us: