Everyone knows Red Auerbach was one of the greatest basketball coaches and talent scouts of all time.  

What you probably didn’t know, is that John Rinka (Rinks) was one of the greatest college basketball players in history, and then devoted his post playing career to mentoring on and off the court. 

David shares his stories with Red & Rinks, two men who guided and shaped his life.

Red and Rinks

What Red Taught Me

29 Jan , 2017  

The Red Aurbach Connection   I’m an ex-athlete, although ex-athletes never think they’re ex, they think they’re still athletes.  And as a former basketball player, I was trained years ago by someone you might have heard of named Red Auerbach.   How did we meet?  I was a bellhop at a hotel in the Catskills […]

Red and Rinks

Interview with John Rinka

10 May , 2015  

INTERVIEW WITH JOHN RINKA College Basketball Star (NCAA Top 10 in all-time scoring) 1966-70 Former Coach at Brandeis University   David:  I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to speak with my former coach, after all these years, John Rinka.  I learned a lot about mentoring from Rinks, as we all call him.  I just want […]