12 May , 2012  

“I travel through Connecticut all the time and if I am having a bad day, there is nothing better than to listen to David’s music. It calms me down.”

– Beau Doherty, President of Special Olympics Connecticut,


“I listen to David’s music as I write. Inspiring!”

– David B.


“This music touches my soul every time I hear it. In David’s composotions, the silence in each song is music in it of itself,which adds to its beauty.”

– Lauren G.


“David your music is amazing and just wonderful – I was nearly brought to tears.”

– Mike Hedrick — Athlete, Special Olympics Connecticut


“Absolutely beautiful…what a gift.”

– Jessica B.


“Just beautiful music”

– Ilan


“Listened to the CD at least 3 times and I really have enjoyed it.”

– Rodney


“I enjoyed listening to your music and admired your generosity.”

– Chris T.


“Your music is unbelievable. Keep up the great work.”

– Kenneth B.


“Thank you. I really enjoy the tranquility of the music. Very beautiful!”

– Gregg P.


“Wow! Awesome! You are remarkably talented & this is truly wonderful.”

– Alison H.


“The CD is terrific .. it’s very mellow, relaxing and soothing.”

– Leonitha F.F


“I’ve been listening to you music and it is great. God has given you a talent to share with the world.”

– ralph d.


“It is quite a good listen .. very therapeutic .. well done.”

– Samer H


“It is soooo peaceful and relaxing.”

– Sean E.


“It’s an uplifting way to de-stress afer a long day.”

– Jeff A


“It really is such beautiful music – it really is penetrating.”

– Chezkie



– Chanie R


“If you ever choose the play live I am there.”

– Peter


“It is just wonderful music. I have had it in my car CD player and we have listened to it over and over again.”

– Sam P. J


“LOVE the cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – only listen to stuff in my car”

– Terrie M. W


“You must be in heaven when you are playing .. This is the most wonderful music – I could feel the moments when you were just lost in the trance of your feelings and notes.”

– Molly


“I think it is the best background music in the world!”

– Roger


“The music is really beautiful.”

– Zev B


“I took piano lessons many years ago, and your music reminds me of the classical pieces that my teacher would play. I especially like “Motherhood” – there’s something really special about it.”

– Sara K


“.. the piano mastery is captivating.”

– Lenny


“.. melodies so calming and soothing – what a perfect way to relax after a tough day! Yet others were so energizing, infusing you with joy and hope! Hear the Children’ has become a permanent resident in our stereo. We profoundly enjoy this music and can’t ”

– Mr & Mrs S.


“It is wonderful to listen to and the last song just blows me away .. maybe you have created the fountain of youth!”

– Marlene


“.. impressed with the depth and hopefulness that came through your music to embrace the listener.”

– Gail


“Your music is beautiful .. I hear compassion or love or some type of deep feeling in it.”

– Johnny W


“Relaxing, elevating, refreshing and inspirational .. it is just excellent – an incredible stress reliever to boot!”

– Jeff


“Soothing and lovely.”

– Lynne M


“Every note he composes comes from deep emotion and every note he plays comes from his heart. His joy of creating music is both boundless and contagious and is a palpable, positive force for all it touches.”

– John L


“You are an amazing pianist and composer. I am thoroughly impressed and blown away.”

– Navid Si


“I find your compositions to be very evocative and moving. I love the way you move up and down the scales, and transition from one mood to another.”

– Emma S


“Your music soothes my brain.”

– Lynne T


“I am sitting here listening to your CD for about the 10th time in the last 18 hours. It is remarkable.”

– Mark U


“in my car and on constantly!!!”

– Timothy Von F


“Highly inspirations and uplifting, with a keen mood capture that is both relaxing and deeply moving, while still open to individual interpretations. This is the hallmark of truly good music.”

– Dave P

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