“I travel through Connecticut all the time and if I am having a bad day, there is nothing better than to listen to David’s music. It calms me down.”

– Beau Doherty, President of Special Olympics Connecticut,


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David will donate 10% of all music purchases to food banks.

City Snowfall

15 Jan , 2018  

For those who like snowstorms, I’d like to share a song and a video that I wrote several years ago while sitting inside our home looking out and being inspired by the beauty of G-d’s artistry in a blizzard – and some comments – please send yours: Click to go to the comments section

David Gurwitz – Live In New York, March 12, 2016

11 Jan , 2017  

Press Release

16 Jun , 2015  

New York Artist David Gurwitz Releases First Inspirational Album June 18, 2015 Bronx-born and New York native David Gurwitz has had a diverse history, from semi-pro basketball to financial expert on market cycles. Through it all, music has always been a passion. “Basketball was my sport, growing up and in school. I practiced dribbling the ball every […]

“China” — Recorded January 2008

10 May , 2015   Video

Birth of a song. New composition

22 Mar , 2015   Video

“Hear the Children” – Dedicated to the Athletes of Special Olympics

22 Mar , 2015   Video

Special Olympics Benefit Concert – June 11, 2009 – “The Race”

22 Mar , 2015   Video

Special Olympics Benefit Concert – Trailer

22 Mar , 2015   Video

“Never Give Up Hope”  

“Connecting With Kids”

22 Mar , 2015  

Connecting with kids by Ellie Einhorn and Shana D. Lebowitz Two Brandeis alumni, a former Brandeis basketball coach and their creative efforts to benefit children and teens across the globe Link to Original David Gurwitz ’76, a lawyer in New York state, just released his first album, ‘Hear the Children.’ Some of Gurwitz’s songs focus […]

CBS-TV New York Morning Show

15 Jun , 2009  

June 15, 2009

What people are saying:

“That’s some beautiful music and videography David! Wow!”– James


“Thank you for a most beautiful composition and video”– Aba


“Hi David,
Beautiful it touches the soul.”– Pinches


“David, I love both – pictures and music. You are a great artist. Congratulations!”– Felix


“Your music should be mandatory in every dentist office. Soothing and relaxing and even warming on a frigid soon to be snow blast day” – Mel


“I travel through Connecticut all the time and if I am having a bad day, there is nothing better than to listen to David’s music. It calms me down.”– Beau Doherty, President of Special Olympics Connecticut,


“I listen to David’s music as I write. Inspiring!”– David B.


“This music touches my soul every time I hear it. In David’s composotions, the silence in each song is music in it of itself,which adds to its beauty.”– Lauren G.


“David your music is amazing and just wonderful – I was nearly brought to tears.”– Mike Hedrick — Athlete, Special Olympics Connecticut


“Absolutely beautiful…what a gift.”– Jessica B.


“Just beautiful music”– Ilan


“Listened to the CD at least 3 times and I really have enjoyed it.”– Rodney


“I enjoyed listening to your music and admired your generosity.”– Chris T.


“Your music is unbelievable. Keep up the great work.”– Kenneth B.


“Thank you. I really enjoy the tranquility of the music. Very beautiful!”– Gregg P.


“Wow! Awesome! You are remarkably talented & this is truly wonderful.”– Alison H.


“The CD is terrific .. it’s very mellow, relaxing and soothing.”– Leonitha F.F


“I’ve been listening to you music and it is great. God has given you a talent to share with the world.”– ralph d.


“It is quite a good listen .. very therapeutic .. well done.”– Samer H


“It is soooo peaceful and relaxing.”– Sean E.


“It’s an uplifting way to de-stress afer a long day.”– Jeff A


“It really is such beautiful music – it really is penetrating.”– Chezkie




“If you ever choose the play live I am there.”– Peter


“It is just wonderful music. I have had it in my car CD player and we have listened to it over and over again.”– Sam P. J


“LOVE the cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – only listen to stuff in my car”– Terrie M. W


“You must be in heaven when you are playing .. This is the most wonderful music – I could feel the moments when you were just lost in the trance of your feelings and notes.”– Molly


“I think it is the best background music in the world!”– Roger


“The music is really beautiful.”– Zev B


“I took piano lessons many years ago, and your music reminds me of the classical pieces that my teacher would play. I especially like “Motherhood” – there’s something really special about it.”– Sara K


“.. the piano mastery is captivating.”– Lenny


“.. melodies so calming and soothing – what a perfect way to relax after a tough day! Yet others were so energizing, infusing you with joy and hope! Hear the Children’ has become a permanent resident in our stereo. We profoundly enjoy this music and can’t ”– Mr & Mrs S.


“It is wonderful to listen to and the last song just blows me away .. maybe you have created the fountain of youth!”– Marlene


“.. impressed with the depth and hopefulness that came through your music to embrace the listener.”– Gail


“Your music is beautiful .. I hear compassion or love or some type of deep feeling in it.”– Johnny W


“Relaxing, elevating, refreshing and inspirational .. it is just excellent – an incredible stress reliever to boot!”– Jeff


“Soothing and lovely.”– Lynne M


“Every note he composes comes from deep emotion and every note he plays comes from his heart. His joy of creating music is both boundless and contagious and is a palpable, positive force for all it touches.”– John L


“You are an amazing pianist and composer. I am thoroughly impressed and blown away.”– Navid Si


“I find your compositions to be very evocative and moving. I love the way you move up and down the scales, and transition from one mood to another.”– Emma S


“Your music soothes my brain.”– Lynne T


“I am sitting here listening to your CD for about the 10th time in the last 18 hours. It is remarkable.”– Mark U


“in my car and on constantly!!!”– Timothy Von F


“Highly inspirations and uplifting, with a keen mood capture that is both relaxing and deeply moving, while still open to individual interpretations. This is the hallmark of truly good music.”– Dave P

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    Two NYC boys, from different backgrounds, brought together by basketball. 

    David Gurwitz & Oliver Taylor muse about all things sports and mentoring, in a heartwarming blog. 

    Check it out:


    Oliver's court

    Two NYC boys, from different backgrounds, brought together by basketball. Our life long journey and friendship continues to this day. We hope you enjoy our blog about all things sports and mentoring.







    Fox 5 Atlanta Interview with Ron Gant

    “It was an honor to be interviewed by baseball great Ron Gant, host of Good Day Atlanta. David and I took Ron to Memorial Middle School, to shoot around and talk about mentoring, then and now.”







    Listen to the podcast at

    Podcast #1 Basketball – It’s Not Just about Playing Ball (8:20)

    Podcast #2 The Hardest Thing About Mentoring (10:38)

    Podcast #3 Trust – The Key to Being a Role Model (4:59)

    Podcast #4 Learning to be a Public Figure (7:50)

    Podcast #5 How to Motivate Girls vs. Boys (16:35)

    Podcast #6 Dealing with Distractions (12:04)

    Podcast #7 A Big Milestone (4:06)

    Podcast #8 Oliver’s Childhood & Mom (11:23)


    Coming soon! Oliver's Court  -  the book and ebook! 

    Please contact us to reserve one and to receive a discount. 

    Click here to contact us

    David In Atlanta

    20 Nov , 2017  

    David visited Oliver in his school near Atlanta and interviewed the principal, the athletic director and some of the students whose lives have been impacted by Oliver.

    Grandfathers’ Free Throw Challenge

    31 Oct , 2017

    Mentee by chance, friends by choice

    31 Aug , 2017  

    Matt Matt Smith After more than a decade apart, former Big East basketball player, and current Rockdale County Sheriff’s Deputy Oliver Taylor reunited with his mentor, David Gurwitz. The two have lived vastly different lives since Gurwitz first met Taylor in the lat     In an empty gym at Memorial Middle School Thursday morning, a […]

    Teaching Taylor Part I: Mentorship coming full circle

    29 May , 2016  

    By Sean Saint Jacques  @SSaintj7 on May 23, 2016 Sean Saint Jacques tells the extraordinary story of former Seton Hall basketball star Oliver Taylor and the mentor that changed his life forever. This is the first part of a three part series. Part I: Meeting a Mentor and the journey to Seton Hall Oliver Taylor […]

    Teaching Taylor Part II: Taylor shines at Madison Square Garden, then goes pro

    28 May , 2016  

    By Sean Saint Jacques  @SSaintj7 on May 24, 2016 This is part two of the Oliver Taylor story as told by Sean Saint Jacques. If you missed part one yesterday, you can read it right HERE. Gurwitz was not a fan of Carlesimo’s philosophy when it came to using Taylor on the floor during his […]

    Teaching Taylor Part III: The mentee becomes the mentor

    27 May , 2016  

    By Sean Saint Jacques  @SSaintj7 on May 25, 2016 The conclusion of the Oliver Taylor story as told by Sean Saint Jacques. Oliver and David discuss what they are up to now and how they continue to grow every day. In suburbs of Atlanta, Taylor is a deputy sheriff and helps kids at Salem High […]

    Fox 5 Atlanta

    25 May , 2016   Video

    It was an honor to be interviewed by baseball great Ron Gant, host of Good Day Atlanta. Check out the story, about two NYC boys, brought together by basketball.

    Seton Hall hero carries on his mentor’s legacy

    3 Apr , 2016  

    Steve Politi | NJ Advance Media for NJ   Oliver Taylor (20) is carried off the floor after sinking the winning lay-up with one second left giving No. 21 Seton Hall a 70-69 victory over Pittsburgh in the quarterfinals of the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden, Friday, March 8, 1991, New York. (AP […]

    Oliver Taylor and David Gurwitz Interview

    23 Jan , 2016  

    Oliver and David   00:40 Deputy Taylor if you’ll give me your background before meeting Mr Gurwitz.   Just an inner city kid from Far Rockaway NY, in Queens! Just a kid with a dream and took a chance on something I loved. People felt that I was pretty good. I wound up playing on […]

    Dana Roc Interview

    10 May , 2015  

    Rabbi, Musician, David Gurwitz original article: David Gurwitz was an avid athlete growing up in the south Bronx in the 1950s and 1960s. He worked at a hotel in the Catskills where Wilt Chamberlain had once been a bellhop, and spent summers learning from Red Auerbach about talent recognition and development. David played basketball in […]


    David speaks and performs at venues around the world, from private homes to large auditoriums. 

    He also provides motivational talks to large and mid-sized corporations and trade groups.

    Inspire your audience with a dynamic musical performance and keynote speech. 


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    26 Jan , 2016  

    Introducing the fun way to become a good writer!   I have developed and created a writing program to open the minds of kids and encourage critical thinking skills with a fun and easy exercise.  Today we live in a world of technology where kids don’t need to write the old fashioned way, on paper.  […]


    David Gurwitz  founded Brothers in Giving (B.I.G.).

    David welcomes all who are moved to join in these efforts to contact them as the Brothers in Giving B.I.G. Organization expands its reach worldwide.  These kids need our help!

    Please contact us at


    Everyone knows Red Auerbach was one of the greatest basketball coaches and talent scouts of all time.  

    What you probably didn’t know, is that John Rinka (Rinks) was one of the greatest college basketball players in history, and then devoted his post playing career to mentoring on and off the court. 

    David shares his stories with Red & Rinks, two men who guided and shaped his life.

    What Red Taught Me

    29 Jan , 2017  

    The Red Aurbach Connection   I’m an ex-athlete, although ex-athletes never think they’re ex, they think they’re still athletes.  And as a former basketball player, I was trained years ago by someone you might have heard of named Red Auerbach.   How did we meet?  I was a bellhop at a hotel in the Catskills […]

    Interview with John Rinka

    10 May , 2015  

    INTERVIEW WITH JOHN RINKA College Basketball Star (NCAA Top 10 in all-time scoring) 1966-70 Former Coach at Brandeis University   David:  I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to speak with my former coach, after all these years, John Rinka.  I learned a lot about mentoring from Rinks, as we all call him.  I just want […]


    FastPatch is a unique polymer repair system that bonds tenaciously to surfaces and remains flexible throughout its service life. 

    Magic Fast Patch

    11 May , 2019  

    FastPatch is a unique polymer repair system that bonds tenaciously to surfaces and remains flexible throughout its service life.

    Fast Patch Demo

    17 Jan , 2019  

    All Tech Solutions – Q&A

    17 Jan , 2019  


    Castakite (TM) is the kite launcher/flyer with a fishing pole design that truly makes kite flying child’s play and something the whole family can enjoy together.

    Cast a Kite

    11 Nov , 2018  

    Castakite (TM) is the kite launcher/flyer with a fishing pole design that truly makes kite flying child’s play and something the whole family can enjoy together.