Red and Rinks

What Red Taught Me

29 Jan , 2017  

The Red Aurbach Connection   I’m an ex-athlete, although ex-athletes never think they’re ex, they think they’re still athletes.  And as a former basketball player, I was trained years ago by someone you might have heard of named Red Auerbach.   How did we meet?  I was a bellhop at a hotel in the Catskills […]

Red and Rinks

Interview with John Rinka

10 May , 2015  

INTERVIEW WITH JOHN RINKA College Basketball Star (NCAA Top 10 in all-time scoring) 1966-70 Former Coach at Brandeis University   David:  I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to speak with my former coach, after all these years, John Rinka.  I learned a lot about mentoring from Rinks, as we all call him.  I just want […]