12 May , 2012  

“That’s some beautiful music and videography David! Wow!”– James
“Thank you for a most beautiful composition and video”– Aba
“Hi David,
Beautiful it touches the soul.”– Pinches
“David, I love both – pictures and music. You are a great artist. Congratulations!”– Felix
“Your music should be mandatory in every dentist office. Soothing and relaxing and even warming on a frigid soon to be snow blast day” – Mel
“I travel through Connecticut all the time and if I am having a bad day, there is nothing better than to listen to David’s music. It calms me down.”– Beau Doherty, President of Special Olympics Connecticut,

“I listen to David’s music as I write. Inspiring!”– David B.

“This music touches my soul every time I hear it. In David’s composotions, the silence in each song is music in it of itself,which adds to its beauty.”– Lauren G.

“David your music is amazing and just wonderful – I was nearly brought to tears.”– Mike Hedrick — Athlete, Special Olympics Connecticut

“Absolutely beautiful…what a gift.”– Jessica B.

“Just beautiful music”– Ilan

“Listened to the CD at least 3 times and I really have enjoyed it.”– Rodney

“I enjoyed listening to your music and admired your generosity.”– Chris T.

“Your music is unbelievable. Keep up the great work.”– Kenneth B.

“Thank you. I really enjoy the tranquility of the music. Very beautiful!”– Gregg P.

“Wow! Awesome! You are remarkably talented & this is truly wonderful.”– Alison H.

“The CD is terrific .. it’s very mellow, relaxing and soothing.”– Leonitha F.F

“I’ve been listening to you music and it is great. God has given you a talent to share with the world.”– ralph d.

“It is quite a good listen .. very therapeutic .. well done.”– Samer H

“It is soooo peaceful and relaxing.”– Sean E.

“It’s an uplifting way to de-stress afer a long day.”– Jeff A

“It really is such beautiful music – it really is penetrating.”– Chezkie


“If you ever choose the play live I am there.”– Peter

“It is just wonderful music. I have had it in my car CD player and we have listened to it over and over again.”– Sam P. J

“LOVE the cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – only listen to stuff in my car”– Terrie M. W

“You must be in heaven when you are playing .. This is the most wonderful music – I could feel the moments when you were just lost in the trance of your feelings and notes.”– Molly

“I think it is the best background music in the world!”– Roger

“The music is really beautiful.”– Zev B

“I took piano lessons many years ago, and your music reminds me of the classical pieces that my teacher would play. I especially like “Motherhood” – there’s something really special about it.”– Sara K

“.. the piano mastery is captivating.”– Lenny

“.. melodies so calming and soothing – what a perfect way to relax after a tough day! Yet others were so energizing, infusing you with joy and hope! Hear the Children’ has become a permanent resident in our stereo. We profoundly enjoy this music and can’t ”– Mr & Mrs S.

“It is wonderful to listen to and the last song just blows me away .. maybe you have created the fountain of youth!”– Marlene

“.. impressed with the depth and hopefulness that came through your music to embrace the listener.”– Gail

“Your music is beautiful .. I hear compassion or love or some type of deep feeling in it.”– Johnny W

“Relaxing, elevating, refreshing and inspirational .. it is just excellent – an incredible stress reliever to boot!”– Jeff

“Soothing and lovely.”– Lynne M

“Every note he composes comes from deep emotion and every note he plays comes from his heart. His joy of creating music is both boundless and contagious and is a palpable, positive force for all it touches.”– John L

“You are an amazing pianist and composer. I am thoroughly impressed and blown away.”– Navid Si

“I find your compositions to be very evocative and moving. I love the way you move up and down the scales, and transition from one mood to another.”– Emma S

“Your music soothes my brain.”– Lynne T

“I am sitting here listening to your CD for about the 10th time in the last 18 hours. It is remarkable.”– Mark U

“in my car and on constantly!!!”– Timothy Von F

“Highly inspirations and uplifting, with a keen mood capture that is both relaxing and deeply moving, while still open to individual interpretations. This is the hallmark of truly good music.”– Dave P

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